Kitinsan İnovatif Ürünler

Kitinsan 6.16.6+(6S03)+ME

Compound Organomineral Base Fertilizer - 6.16.6+(6S03)+ME


  • Thanks to the elements it contains, it helps to meet the basic nutrient element needs of the plant.
  • It helps to prevent the formation of a layer of cream in the soil.
  • It contributes to increase the amount of organic matter in the soil.
  • It helps to prevent the formation of salinity in the soil as it breaks down the lime dissolved in water and converts it into calcium.
  • It helps to obtain high tonnage and quality products. Especially recommended for crops such as tuber crops, sunflowers, cereals and vegetables.
Guaranteed Content % W/W
Total Nitrogen(N)16
Ammonium Nitrogen (NH4N)6,7
Total Phosphar Pentaoxide9,3
Water Soluble Potassium Oxide8
Total Sulfur Trioxide8
Water Soluble Sulfur Trioxide24
Total Organic Matter0,02
Total (Humic + Fulvic) Acid0,02
Max. Nem0,04
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Kitinsan Cotanak

Compound Organomineral Base Fertilizer - Cotanak 15.5.5


Cotanak 15.5.5 (3 CaO + 2MgO + Zn +0.1 + 0.1 + 0.1 B)


  • It is a leonardite origin organomineral base fertilizer containing 3 different basic elements (N-P-K), 2 different secondary elements (Ca-Mg) and 2 different trace elements specially designed for hazelnuts.
  • Fertilizer is nitrogen-heavy. It helps the hazelnut to form a strong multi-Scotch.
  • It also prevents the formation of empty hazelnuts and contributes to the harvest of full and tonnage hazelnuts.
  • Since it contains calcium and magnesium carbonate in its structure, it is intended to improve the acidic Black Sea soils.
  • It minimizes the formation of soil slip layer. It facilitates the increase in the amount of organic matter in the soil.
Guaranteed Content% W/W
Organic Matter10

Total Nitrogen (N)


Ammonium Nitrogen (NH4-N)

Urea Nitrogen (NH2-N)
Total Phosphorus Pentaoxide (P2O5)
Water Soluble Phosphorus Pentaoxide (P2O5)
Water Soluble Potassium Oxide (K2O)
Water Soluble Calcium Oxide (CaO)
Water Soluble Magnesium Oxide (MgO)
Water Soluble Boron (B)0,1
Total Zinc (Zn)0,1
Total (Humic + Fulvic) Acid
Maximum Humidity
pH Range
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