Kitinsan İnovatif Ürünler

NPK Fertilizer - Kitinsan Performance 15-30-15+ME

Kitinsan Performance 15-30-15+ME

Performance 15.30.15+ME is produced from extremely pure raw materials and is designed for all irrigation systems in open fields and greenhouses.

This phosphorus-based formulation is used to encourage root development in the early stages of the plant, to store phosphorus in the flowering period, and to form healthy flowers in the young stages. With its microelement content, it helps meet the microelement needs of plants when used regularly. The trace elements it contains are chelated. Yield increase is achieved in all plants.

Guaranteed Content% W/W
Total Nitrogen(N)15
Ammonium Nitrogen (NH-4N)7.4
Nitrate Nitrogen (NO3-N)4.2
Urea Nitrogen (NH2-N)3.4
Neutral Ammonium Citrate and Water Soluble Phosphote Pentaoxide (P2O5)30
Water Soluble Phosphorus Pentaoxide (P2O5)30
Water Soluble Potassium Oxide (K2O)15
Water Soluble Boron (B)0.02
Water Soluble Copper (Cu)0.02
Water Soluble Iron (Fe)0.04
Water Soluble Manganese (Mn)0.02
Water Soluble Molybdenum (Mo)0.002
Water Soluble Zinc (Zn)0.03