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NP Fertilizer Solution - Kitinsan Fosfozinc 7-25-0+ME

Kitinsan Phosphozinc 7-25-0+ME

It is a strong and effective liquid fertilizer containing high quality raw materials. (7% nitrogen, 25% phosphorus, 2% zinc) Phosphorus is the most important element that determines the amount of fruit the plant will keep.

  • It is an effective product originating from phosphoric acid.
  • Its uptake by the plant is quite fast.
  • It supports soil microorganism activities.
  • Thanks to its acidic character, it lowers the pH of the rhizosphere in the plant root area, creating a suitable environment for plants to absorb macro and micro nutrients from the soil.
  • At the same time, it prolongs the life of irrigation systems as it solves blockages and lime formations that may occur in drip and spring irrigation lines.
  • It is our liquid composition fertilizer that gives excellent results starting from the vegetative development period of the plant to the generative period.
  • It increases the plant’s soil utilization volume by ensuring the root system develops and spreads well.
  • It is suitable for drip and foliar use.
Guaranteed Content% W/W
Total Nitrogen(N)7
Urea Nitrogen (NH2-N)7
Water Soluble Phosphorus Pentaoxide (P2O5)25
Water Soluble Zinc (ZN)2

Application Dosage