Kitinsan İnovatif Ürünler

Bio Effectiveness Enhancing Spreader Adhesive - Kitinsan Spreader
Spreader Katalog Gorsel

Kitinsan Spreader

  • New Generation Special Fertilizer
  • It ensures that plant nutrition products and drugs administered through the leaves remain on the leaf surface for a longer time and the distribution is the same on all sides.
  • When applied to the leaves, it prevents evaporation and reduces moisture loss. In this way, it increases resistance to water stress and drought stress.
  • In weed spraying, it ensures that the pesticide remains on the weed for a long time and prevents the pesticide from being washed away.
  • It has a structure that does not react chemically with other pesticides and fertilizers and is biodegradable in nature,
  • It accelerates healing in plants with tissue damage.
  • It helps soil and water reclamation by binding heavy metals in the soil and water it is used in.
  • Thus, no burning or nutrient accumulation occurs during fertilizer intake.
  • It can be applied by dripping or sprinkling.