Kitinsan İnovatif Ürünler

Organic Liquid Fertilizer - Kitinsan Seaweed

Kitinsan Seaweed

  • Seaweed especially increases the resistance of the plant and accelerates its growth.
  • It increases the plant’s resistance to diseases and harmful insects.
  • Microbial activity in the soil increases and the root systems of the plant become stronger.
  • It accelerates the uptake of plant nutrients.
  • It increases the chlorophyll level in the plant, which allows it to perform more photosynthesis.
  • Seaweed increases the resistance of plants to cold.
  • It minimizes the negative effects of pesticides on plants and maximizes the effectiveness of the pesticide.
Guaranteed Content% W/W
Total Organic Matter30
Alginic Acid0.6
Water Soluble Potassium Oxide5
Maximum EC (DS/M)

Application Dosage