Kitinsan İnovatif Ürünler

PH Regulator - Kitinsan Radix

Radix 1

Kitinsan Radix

It is formulated to improve the water used in agricultural production by regulating its pH and to effectively remove the nutrient and drug solutions used from plant leaves and roots.

  • It can be applied by dripping or sprinkling. 
  • It contributes to better uptake of microelements such as Iron, Copper, Boron and Zinc from leaves and roots.
  • In addition, before the planting process, when the seedlings and saplings are immersed in RADİX mixed liquid and then brought together with the soil,
  • They experience strong germination and hold strong roots. 
  • It increases the intake of beneficial nutrients taken by the plant. 
  • Healthy development of plants is ensured by increasing the uptake of nutrients by roots and leaves.