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Calcium Chloride Solution - Kitinsan Calcium 12

Kitinsan Calcium 12

Calcium is an essential nutrient for plants. Sufficient calcium provided to fruits and leaves is necessary to remove the disorders that may occur due to calcium deficiency during plant development, growth, harvesting, and storage.

  • It is completely soluble in water and dissolves quickly in water.
  • Calcium 12 prevents fruit rot and extends storage life.
  • It helps to remove the saltiness from the soil.
  • It helps to prevent fruit stains.
  • It is suitable for drip or foliar application.
  • It is quickly absorbed by plants.
  • Calcium 12 strengthens the cell walls of plants, increasing their resistance and resilience to drought, frost, and stress.
Guaranteed Content% W/W
Water-soluble calcium oxide (CO3)12
Water Soluble Boron (B)0,3

Application Dosage